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The Bricklet Property Investment Advantage

Bricklet is an Australian owned company that wants to help all Aussies purchase property, without the need for a massive deposit. In fact, prices start from around $20,000. 

Bricklet is a marketplace to buy and sell property fragments called bricklets. So far, over $15 million dollars of bricklets have been sold since starting out in 2020.  

Having so many Australians place their trust in Bricklet is not surprising, when you consider that they are backed by real estate giants: 

  • Stockland 
  • Mirvac 
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What is a Bricklet?

A Bricklet is a small proportion of the property that an owner can acquire via the BRICKLET Platform as a tenant in common interest in the Property. Each Bricklet owner has independent part ownership of the whole property.


A Simple Example…

A $1M property is fragmented into 40 bricklets, each valued at $25k. Each bricklet owner is registered on title and owns 1/40th of the property.


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The Bricklet Property Investment Advantage

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Breaking Barriers

Bricklet lets you purchase property with as little as $20,000. This means that more people can purchase property sooner, without having to spend years saving for a deposit.

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More Eggs in More Baskets

Most people are lucky to buy one property, let alone have a portfolio. Bricklet makes it much easier to build a property portfolio by reducing the cost needed to invest in a property so that all your eggs are not in one property basket.

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Same Same but Better

Buying a Bricklet is exactly the same as buying property the traditional way. Your name is on the title and you receive pro-rata rent income, and if the value of the property goes up, then so does the value of the bricklet.

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Selling Speed

Another significant advantage of buying bricklets is how quickly you can sell if you want to. Simply list it for sale on the site, find a buyer and process the transaction.

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Hassle-free rental

With Bricklet, all aspects of property management are managed for you - finding tenants, unblocking drains and paying the strata and fixing the roof.

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