Own property now. Pay for it with no interest.

You scale the benefits.


Bricklets are fragments of property registered to their owner on the land title. This enables people to own fragments of real estate, instead of funding the purchase of entire properties.

Immediate ownership

Your first payment secures your ownership of the property’s bricklet. Bricklets are priced at less than $20,000 with initial payments at less than $2,000.

No monthly interest
No monthly interest

Remaining payments for bricklet are made in equal instalments for 18 months. No interest costs incurred at any stage. Monthly payments are less than $1,000.


Bricklet owners are able to buy, own and sell their bricklets at any time on the open market, or through BRICKLET’s dedicated listings market for fragmented properties.

Independent property management provided

Property management is provided by independent property management companies that have been approved and integrated into the Bricklet platform.

Property investment diversification

Owning bricklets across a number of properties, enables a portfolio approach to access a combination of short, medium- and longer-term gains.

Investment security – listed on property deed

Bricklets are as secure as any Torrens Title property deed. This is because every bricklet ownership is recorded on Torrens Title, until the bricklet is sold to a new owner.


BRICKLET fragments properties right across Australia. Buy Now Pay Later bricklets are currently available in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Master of your own property investment destiny

Bricklet owners are able to buy, sell and own any number of bricklets across any number of properties at any time. They also have total control over their bricklets, independent of other bricklet owners.

Basic property investment building

BRICKLET supports you.

Our role with your success in property is to make it simple, convenient, secure and transparent for you. Our service simply fragments real estate and provides you with access to the tools to buy, sell and manage your bricklets as you build your property investment portfolio.