If property fragmentation is new to you, we’re here to keep things simple, transparent and informative.

Simple: We’ll contact you personally by email. Detailing how real estate fragmentation may suit your personal circumstance.

Transparent: We’re here to assist you with understanding property fragmentation. No pesky sales agents, guaranteed.

Informative: We’ll explain how BRICKLET fragments property on land title, retaining your personal ownership in real estate.

We ask for your email and phone number. We’ll never call if you don’t ask us to. We simply use your phone number to verify that it’s you who has asked us for more information.

Our purpose is simple:

Affording more people with more real estate.

Reducing the cost of property to fragments. Retaining the full value. Safeguarding ownership to the individual on land title.

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Reality #1:

“The rich keep getting richer, with 1 % of Australians owning more wealth than the bottom 70 per cent combined.” - ABC

Reality #2:

“Mortgage stress levels among Australians continue to heighten amid the COVID-19 outbreak, according to a study by the Digital Finance Analytics.” – Your Mortgage

Reality #3:

“It will take the average Australian almost nine years to save up enough for a 20 per cent deposit.” - ABC

The latest reality: fragmented property


Fragmented properties are sold in affordable fragments, called bricklets, which people own outright for a portion (typically 1/20 of the cost) of the property’s total value.

Owned by Australians

280 fragments are already owned by Australians, all returning progressive yields of real estate investments.

Supported by governments

Australia’s land registries and State Governments support the fragmentation of property, enabling more people to own more real estate.

Accessible property investments

Australian’s as young as 18-years-old can now benefit from the sustainable income and performance of real estate, without being exposed to the burden of a mortgage.

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Watch the overwhelming support of BRICKLET’s property fragmentation model.

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280 small steps... And a giant leap for real estate anywhere in the world. Today's the first of a new era.

BRICKLET has finalised the fragmentation of an entire property, with 280 bricklets exchanged and settled, each processed as if they were individual tiny properties. With each owner registered on title.

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We've established the market for fragmented property. Now we're scaling for more people to own more real estate. For less exposure to the volatility of shares.

This is an opportunity to own a stake in BRICKLET - the first to fragment property in the world.

“We needed slight reprieve from our mortgage commitment, which had us facing the sale of our property. With BRICKLET we’re able to strip just that portion that had us stressing.”

The Campbell’s fragment their two-bedroomed investment apartment, only selling off four bricklets. Their mortgage repayments reduce by one fifth, while they retain 80% of their property. The fragments they divested are owned by investors benefitting from the Campbell’s long-term commitment to their property.

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Listen to the probing questions on the realities of investing in fragmented property, discussed by BRICKLET’s CEO and a financial journalist.

“My aim is to move into my own home in the next five years.

Suzi’s investment in bricklets - a nice little earner from the rental she’d receive, gives her spending money. With the bulk of her disposable income amassing as a deposit for her own home.”

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“We’re all flatlords of the home we share. It’s put each of us on the property ladder, and I could sell my part whenever I choose to.”

Mischa and three friends used to flat share a rental property. Now they’re able to each own ¼ of the property they live in outright. Mischa’s looking to move overseas and will sell her bricklets when she’s ready.

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