Partner Accreditation

Our partner program supports accredited distribution, channel and innovation partners.

Distribution partnerships

We appoint distribution partners based on their customers’ potential for expanding property investment portfolios with bricklets. As a passive partnership, revenues are generated through referral fees paid on bricklet purchases.

Distribution Partners
BRICKLET Property portal preview – channel partners

Channel partnerships

BRICKLET channel partners are active advisors to their customers, assisting with the selection and curation of ideal bricklet portfolios for their customers. These are progressive partnerships with revenues generated by commissions paid per volume of bricklet trades.

Innovation partnerships

We’ve been inundated with ideas of how others want to embrace our fragmentation model in their value propositions. With innovation created from synergy, we’re always exploring opportunities for others to improve their value with bricklets. We appoint innovation partnerships based on their specific merits.

Innovation partnerships – new and synergistic ways to utilise our fragmentation model
Accredited BRICKLET partner - Futurealty

FUTUREALTY has expanded its property advisory clientele by offering bricklets as part of its investment property consultation. By being able to address consumer investors that wouldn’t buy entire properties.

Basic property investment building

BRICKLET fragments. You innovate and earn

Our role is to help you build your business and revenues with bricklets. Working with you to ensure that our property fragmentation gives you a compelling and invaluable differentiator to your customers. Empowering you to help them achieve more with property.