Self-Managed Super Funds

Many people want to invest in property using their super, but this is highly regulated by the ATO in order to help people limit their risks. Not everyone can help you buy property with your super: you are able to invest in property with Bricklet and we make it as easy as we can for you.

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Smart Property Investment in
Self-Managed Super Funds

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Lacking Liquidity

SMSF regulations have been established to limit investment risk. One of the potential risks is that if you invest all your super in a property, you may not be able to access cash urgently if you need it. But bricklets can be sold quickly and are therefore less of a risk.

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Risk Spreading

Traditional property investment often puts a large proportion of the fund into one property, so if that property doesn’t do well, the whole fund suffers. Bricklets allow for investment across a number of properties, spreading the risk and satisfying the regulations.

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