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What is Bricklet?

Owning property, it’s the Australian dream. But we all know how hard starting and managing a property portfolio can be. That’s why we created Bricklet, to do things differently. Bricklet was launched to help create your own personalised portfolio of property fragments from as little as $25k. All the benefits of owning property, but with the flexibility of smaller pieces. Bricklet is a revolutionary technology-led marketplace. Bringing together developers, consultants, legal specialists, property managers and advisors in one easy to access platform, making your journey as simple and easy as possible.

How it works

Property fragments (also known as Bricklets) are smaller pieces of property. So don’t worry your ownership is recorded on the land title, just like owning a full property. View more

Our marketplace for property fragments is open to all property developers, supplying a growing choice of property investments Australia-wide.

The bricklet platform provides easy access to independent property consultants, legal specialists and advisors to make the process super easy and take away a lot of the old ways of manual paperwork.

You can either start building your portfolio of bricklets yourself or work with one of our trusted advisors. Bricklet specialists are licenced real estate agents, experts in helping build a portfolio that best suits your needs.

Properties are managed by these agents who pay any rental income directly into your bricklet wallet and provide updates about your property. Any crucial decisions are voted on directly by the owners, leaving you always in complete control of your asset.

It’s simple to get started with Bricklet. Giving you peace of mind in owning a genuine piece of the property market, combining both a rental return and the opportunity for real capital growth.

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Financial Solutions

Now, it’s now even easier to get started on your property journey with multiple finance options.

Talk to our local lending partners Money Place and Wisr to access their simple, online finance solutions.

These partners provide an easy way to kickstart your Bricklet journey, helping you to own an instant nationwide portfolio of property for as little as $600 per month.

What people say

“I really like the idea of Bricklets…we can diversify, not have to put all that money into one property”

Roland Van Amstal

“I’m a fully-fledged property investor at 24”

Sam Jourdan

“to buy a Bricklet, a piece I can actually afford is a totally new experience for me”

Jessica Johnsson

The Bricklet partner solution

Our platform gives you quick and easy access to our range of trusted independent partners for every step of your journey.

Each resource has been trained and qualified as part of our partnership program, offering you peace of mind and security.

Our partners currently include:


To find out more, visit our partners directly or contact a member of the Bricklet team.

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