We’ve done for property, what the pizza slice did for pizza lovers

From Pizza slice to property fragment

Like slices in a pizza, property fragments are small pieces of the whole property. Owners of property fragments are afforded all the same benefits as if owning the whole property.

Bricklet is the marketplace that makes buying fragments of property simple. No different to how pizza shops selling pizza by the slice gives pizza lovers another option, simple.


How to buy Bricklets

It’s simple to get started with property investing with Bricklet property fragments.

You just set up a Bricklet account and you’re ready to buy! The purchase process is the same as purchasing any other property. The purchase is managed by a conveyancer and results in your ownership of a Bricklet with your name on the property title.

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Our Bricklet members and their experience

“I really like the idea of Bricklets…we can diversify, not have to put all that money into one property”

Roland Van Amstal

“I’m a fully-fledged property investor at 24”

Sam Jourdan

“to buy a Bricklet, a piece I can actually afford is a totally new experience for me”

Jessica Johnsson

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Backed by some of the biggest names in the business

Bricklet may be a new and innovative property platform but it has the backing of some of the biggest and most established names
in the property industry including Mirvac, Stockland REA and more

REA Group
News Corp

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