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How it works

Unlock Your Dream Home Sooner Than You Think!

Expression of Interest

Visit Bricklet's website, fill out the form, and express your interest in the program.

Tailoring Your Deal

A mortgage broker reviews your details and creates a personalised deal.

Securing Funding

Funds are allocated based on your scenario, and a co-ownership deed is created.

Approval Process

Your co-ownership deed is reviewed, signed, and approved for settlement.

Settlement & Ownership

Settlement is completed by a conveyancer, which is followed by receiving all ownership documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Shared home ownership was launched to help home buyers purchase their home with a minimal deposit. As the homeowner, your small deposit together with a shared equity home loan makes purchasing your property more affordable.

Property investors own the rest of your home and you pay them on their share. You have the same rights to occupy or even sell your property just like a normal homeowner. The shared homeownership model makes owning your own home much more affordable and gets you in your own home sooner.

How does Bricklet help homeowners?

We have formed partnerships with investors, property developers and lenders to make everything easy for you as we guide you through the process. You will retain the majority ownership of the property and control over how it is used. You will pay the mortgage repayments on the part you own, as well as the market rental rate to the investor on the portion they own. If and when you decide to sell the property, the investor will receive their share of the profit.

What is shared equity?

Equity share schemes have been proven successful by state and federal governments. This innovative solution enables silent, passive investors to acquire equity in your home (typically 20-30%) so that you as the owner-occupier only need to mortgage the remaining cost of the home. From the lender’s perspective, if a 20-30% deposit has already been paid by an investor, the lender’s risk is sufficiently reduced and the maximum deposit they will ask you to pay will be minimal.

Can I buy the equity piece back?

The equity share can be purchased back at any time. At the time the homeowner wants to purchase, an external valuation is completed, and the price of the equity share.

Is there a time limit to buy the equity share?

No, there is no time limit to the equity share ownership.

What happens if the house is sold in future?

The homeowner can sell the house at any time. The mortgage is paid off and the equity share is paid back as a percentage of the sale price. The homeowner keeps anything remaining.

Can I purchase any property?

Yes, you can purchase any property as your home with this equity share model so long as the bank will provide the mortgage on the property as they may have their own criteria.

Does this affect my first home-owners grant?

If you are eligible for any government help to purchase your home, you can still use that with this equity share model.

Can you help with the home loan?

There are a number of mortgage brokers that are already experts in this model and they will help you with you finance application.