AMP Bank announces industry-first partnership with Bricklet to support first-home buyers

AMP Bank has announced an industry-first partnership with Bricklet, a shared equity home platform, to help more Australians get into the property market sooner. In partnership with AMP Bank, Bricklet’s Homeowner platform enables buyers who don’t have a large deposit, but have an appropriate income to service their loan, to purchase residential property as an owner-occupier. The home loan is provided by AMP Bank.

Sean O’Malley, Group Executive of AMP Bank, emphasised the critical importance of home affordability, stating, “We believe getting into the housing market and owning a home is a great way to build wealth.”

AMP Bank, renowned for its commitment to helping individuals create wealth through property, sees this collaboration as pivotal.

Darren Younger, CEO of Bricklet, highlighted the company’s evolution from facilitating investment property to now focusing on helping people achieve homeownership. “One of the biggest challenges in the market is the deposit hurdle,” Darren explained. “We aim to assist individuals, including first-time homebuyers and existing renters, who struggle to save a traditional deposit.”

Bricklet’s innovative approach allows buyers to purchase individual homes or properties, thereby reducing the financial barrier of a large upfront deposit. Darren shared a recent success story where Bricklet enabled renters to transition from tenancy to ownership seamlessly.

The partnership between AMP Bank and Bricklet marks a new chapter in their shared mission to innovate and empower more Australians to enter the property market. Sean expressed AMP Bank’s enthusiasm for collaborating with forward-thinking companies like Bricklet to introduce fresh solutions to Australia’s housing landscape.

This initiative not only aims to broaden access to homeownership but also underscores AMP Bank and Bricklet’s dedication to fostering financial empowerment through property ownership. As they look towards the future, both entities are committed to making meaningful strides in housing accessibility across the country.


Disclaimer: Prepared by Bricklet. This information does not take your personal objectives, circumstances or needs into account. Always read the disclosure documents for products and services before deciding on a product or service, and consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice for your unique circumstances.

“This offer provides a different option for those who haven’t yet saved a large deposit but are earning enough to meet the ongoing financial commitment of a home loan." 

Sean O'Malley
Group Executive AMP Bank

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